Getting Pampered at NB Skincare Center



MMM what a wonderful feeling it is to get a little TLC from a med spa.  Hanna and I got ourselves a facial and it was about an hour with massage included.  Can I get a massage every week please?! It felt so nice and our face was literally as smooth as butter by the time we were out of there.

This spa is located right by my old highschool in Newport Beach and they offer a ton of amazing treatments.  Hanna and I are going again next month and going to try some other things they offer like a different type of facial and laser hair removal.  More info on this when we go for our second visit!

One thing I was sure to take from this experience was how important the usage of Vitamin C products are for your skin.  The aesthetician recommended using the moisturizer from Image Skincare.  She said it is a game changer so I am taking her word for it and going to buy it next time!

Have a happy Saturday my loves <3


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