The Misfit




Today was a wonderful day because one of my best friends, Rebecca flew into town from San Francisco over to my city to hang with me in LA. I can’t tell you guys enough how much I miss my besties. We have all been scattered around the world this last year so anytime I get to see any of them, I’m literally thrilled to the bone 🙂 Thank god for FaceTime though. That’s how I’ve been keeping in touch with everyone and it’s been a savior. 

Today Rebecca and I shopped around Santa Monica and then had lunch at a tasty spot called The Misfit. We had a couple cocktails and she got a French dip sandwich while I got a teriyaki grilled salmon with fresh arugula.

I just now got home to be with the family and we are watching theDancing With The Stars finale. Our favorite contestant won! Woo hoo:) Feels so good to have the whole family back together in one house all hanging out. I asked my family to smile and this is the result I got. Haha look at my mom. 😉



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