Shoot with Skye & Staghorn by Glen Krohn

 Hi guys!

I got all my photos back from both my shoots from Bali and it’s so nice to look back and see them all. This shoot was a spontaneous one by the beach with an amazing Australian photographer named Glen Krohn. 

The story is actually pretty funny. I was out at a restaurant with some friends in Canggu and then happen to sit next to this guy. He started talking to me and my friend was telling me how she’s seem him all over Instagram and he’s an incredible photographer. We started talking more and decided to set up a shoot for the next day. I was with one friend who does hair, the other does makeup and they both were neighbors with girls who owned their own bikini and jacket collections. 

So that is what the shoot turned into…a bikini and jacket shoot on the beach. Love spur of the moment things!!   


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