BTS Photoshoot with GMS

 Mmm it felt so nice with a long nights sleep! This morning I went downstairs to have breakfast with my mom and we were sitting there so happy with our cheese and crackers…and then I go to get more coffee and on my way back I spill my entire cup all over my mom’s new white pants!! Oops! Of course I randomly do something like that when she’s wearing white! 

After that little incident, she went off to do voice recordings with TV3 and I went to meet with Global Model Scouting for a photoshoot by the bridge! Always so much fun with them:)  
 Now about to get ready for dinner with a friend and then another photoshoot day tomorrow, but this time with Aftonbladet!


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  • JagKännerEnBotHonHeterAnnaAnnaHeterHon Post author

    Herregud va snygg du är! <3
    Bilderna blir säkert grymma woohoo work it girl ;D haha



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