6 Months with Baby!

Ohhhh no. I accidentally committed one of the top 5 relationship crimes. I forgot our anniversary! But it’s ok, because it’s only our 6 month-aversary haha.  I do still think it’s really special though, its the first big milestone in any relationship!!

Austin is just the cutest. He told me to plan on being ready for dinner around 7:30 pm, and that dinner would be around 8 pm (I guess I didn’t think anything of it because he always does cute things like that?!). When he came to pick me up, he walked in my apartment with red roses and guess what…. I STILL DIDN’T REMEMBER!!!! He was like, ”I tried to get six, but the only option was a dozen.” And I was like ”oh, why would—OHHHHHH our 6 month!!!!!!” I am such a ding dong haha. Even worse, we were both talking about how our 6 month was coming up about two days ago!

Now we are on our way to dinner in West Hollywood. He is surprising me!!! 🙂 


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