Keeping In Touch

Hi 🙂

It’s weird how connected we are to our phones these days, yet we still forget to keep in touch with the ones we love most. I talk to my mom and Sara everyday, but I need to make more of an effort to do that with the rest of the family! Being busy is no excuse! Don’t get me wrong, we all keep in touch, I just think it should be more! Do you guys feel this way too?

Today Sara and I facetimed Nicho, and we invited him to come up and visit us in LA! How fun would that be?! Maybe he can guest blog when he visits us 🙂

Yesterday we facetimed Emma, who’s currently going through recruitment at her school! Unfortunately she has a bad cold, which is the WORST timing ever, but if she’s herself I know she will do great either way 🙂 She will find the sorority that fits her best! Good luck Emma!         Tonight Austin and I made a dinner dish that screams summer time. Roasted corn, grilled flank steak, and fresh peaches and nectarines with an ice cold Great White beer 🙂 YUM.

What are you guys doing?



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