Perks of the New Place

So it’s been a while since I’ve lived in an actual apartment complex but I’m definitely starting to get used to it again! 

I cannot be more thrilled that we have a balcony. It looks right over the pool and we can say hey to our neighbors too which is kind of fun haha. I have been eating breakfast here every morning so far and it’s such a nice way to start the day. There is also two gyms in the building…a small one and a pretty large one with a sauna and steam room. I like using the small one because there is hardly anyone in there and I can watch my nerdy workout videos on loud volume, no headphones. It’s so great! No complaints here 🙂  

There are also coffee break rooms, game rooms, rooms where you can hold meetings in, two pools and two jacuzzis all in a gated community. I love it!!


I have started packing for my trip and just hoping that I am bringing the right kind of clothing…we will see! 

Tonight I’m going to go out for dinner in Santa Monica with a friend! 



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  • maria g Post author

    O i like it i would be in heaven to live there. Hope
    you are ok and please show more of the apartment
    when you feel like it its fun too se your home love
    from maria.


  • Marie Post author

    Hi Sara! It seems to be a lovely place that you guys have found! Do you know if you could rent an apartment there for a shorter time of period, like 2 months or so, or is it just for long term?:) I’m from Sweden and I would really like to stay in the US for a while, but I don’t know where to look for places to stay for a shorter time. Maybe you know where I should look to find people who needs a roomie?

    I really like your blog! XX



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