Brunching in Manhattan Beach 

Hi guys!

Hanna and I are finally almost all settled in to our new place in Playa Del Rey and we are loving it! 

We went and hung out by the pool all day yesterday and then went out to a bar afterwards in Santa Monica with a couple of Hanna’s friends.    

Today’s the day I’m hitting the gym and getting some last minute things for my trip! I leave for Bali and Aus on Tuesday! Can’t believe it’s coming up so fast.



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  • Kat Post author

    Hej Sara! Thanks for the wonderful blog! Welcome to Melbourne – would you have time to organise a bloggträff whilst in Melbourne? Safe travels, enjoy your time in Australia!


  • Sara Montazami Post author

    Oh are you in Melbourne too!? How fun!!
    I will only be there for four days unfortunately since my main reason for the trip is to head to bali for the shoot but there just might be some time for a yummy coffee at a cool coffee shop! <3



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