Emma’s Going Away Party 

So today we were thrilled when there was no rain all morning and then seriously when 3pm hit, there was pouring rain! What the heck. So our party was forced to be inside, but we all still managed to have so much fun.   

I was in charge of making the Moscow mules and let me tell ya…they were a hit! I feel like I made 50 of them! They were pretty refreshing might I add 😉

Nichos friend was actually hired to work the grill so we prepared everything while he cooked up some yummy burgers and hot dogs. Mmm!

Anna made her delicious pasta salad with parsley. It’s so tasty! 

 We played some games and the losing team was forced to come up with a dance so we had them dance to Its Raining Men and it was hilarious! Check it out on my snapchat ”saramontazami”

Sleep well!



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