My Baby Copper Got Attacked!

 Omg omg omg! There’s no worse feeling than having your angel puppy in pain and not being able to fix it yourself. 

Today my mom and Hanna were so happy going on a run with the pups before the rain started. At the end of their walk, Copper ran over to greet the neighbors’ dog and all of a sudden shrieks so loudly. The dog had bit off a chunk of Coppers ear!!!!

It was so quick and there was so much blood dripping everywhere. Me, Emma, Hanna and my mom just in the car with poor Copper as quick as we can to take her to the Veterinarian. As we are all crying in the office, we find out that she had a vessel in her ear that ruptured and would only heal with surgery. We were terrified of the thought of having Copper under anesthesia since she is so small but she made it and is now home with us!


She is still feeling a little weird and not herself but we are trying to comfort her as much as we can. She is going to have this adorable cone on her head for two weeks until the stitches come out. 

 Hang in there Copper! 



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