Catching Some Fresh Air



Oh jeeze it has been one of those days.. a day where it seems like nothing is going right. We had some meetings in the morning, then work and some photos that we needed to take.  I don’t know about you guys, but I need to be in the best mood when I take photos or else you can read the negative emotions through every picture and it’s not a pretty sight.  Hanna and I just had to get out of the house to get some fresh air so we decided to head down to Dana Point by the harbor.

We just sat by the boats and dock and hungout for a bit.  It was definitely what we needed. Oh and might I add that we stopped by a hip restaurant after to get a jalapeno spicy margarita 😉




Sara Montazami

We are off to LA bright and early tomorrow in hopes of getting our FINAL samples.  Fingers crossed!! <3



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  • b Post author

    hey Sara I was hoping for some advice from you and Hanna! My fam and I want to come to California for a week in the summer, what do you think is the best location to be in? We wanted something kind of central to LA and more south Newport/laguna area so we thought maybe long beach? Is it a nice area? we want some fun places to explore as well as a nice beach!


    • Sara Montazami Post author

      Hey B! How exciting that you guys are coming to California. I personally would not recommend Long Beach. how long are you guys staying? I think it would be best to rent a car and split your time part in Newport/Laguna and then part in Santa Monica area. Laguna has the best beaches (I love West, Monarch, 9th and 10th street) There are also small boutiques for you to walk around and check out. Newport is more for people in their 20-30s. There are some really fun bars around there like Social, Blue Beet, The District…Then I recommend staying somewhere in Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey area and there is soooooooo much to explore there:)


  • B Post author

    Thanks so much for the response the more I looked into long beach the more it didn’t look as exciting! I really wanted nices beaches but also some fun cafes, shopping and just cool stuff to explore so I really appreciate your help!
    We will probably stay a week and we hope to rent a car so hopefully we can explore both Newport area and Santa monica! To be honest Im Also scoping out for future living possibilities when I graduate university



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