Fourth of July Festivities

Hi babes!

Our Independence Day took place on Saturday so everyone got that Friday off of work and it has just been an entire weekend of celebrations.  I stayed local in Laguna Beach to hang with some friends at their beach house (literally steps away from the water).  I saw so many people from my high school that I seriously haven’t seen since, so it was a nice mini reunion.  Good to catch up with all of them and see what they’ve been up to:)

PS I just booked a flight over to Bali and Australia for the end of July and early August! I am going to Bali for a photoshoot for one of my good friend’s companies and then visiting some of my best friends over in Australia.  It will be complete opposite weather at both places but I seriously CAN’T WAIT to go!! Never been to Aus before.  I will be flying straight to Melbourne so if you guys have any tips of cool places to try or visit then let me know. 🙂





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