0 To Buzzkill Real Quick

You know when you’re feelin all adventurous and come up with a fun activity to do that you later are very happy that you did?? That was us yesterday with our plan to go out on a whim and rent jet skis in the marina! …except it didn’t turn out to be such a great plan after all. We went with two of our friends, hoping for a fun jet ski ride into the sunset. When we got there though everything just took a wrong turn. It was windy and cold, very expensive, and the guy kept on telling us how we will get fined hundreds of dollars if we did this or that (not to mention the jet ski horror stories he was telling us about).  He was a major buzzkill and after two quizzes and a $750 safety deposit we were so over it. It definitely wasn’t as easy to rent a jet ski as it is when you’re on vacation haha. We cancelled the whole thing and went back to Austins rooftop jacuzzi with an ice cold beer. Thaaaaats more like it! I’m sticking to vacation jet skis for now 😉   


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