Birthday Surprises

Today is my mom’s birthday so I went home for the day to celebrate! She had gone to a lunch with all of her friends but I met up with her afterwards and we got a delicious sushi dinner at our favorite spot down the street.  We then went home so she could open her present and she loved everything I got her!. Yippee! I got her an adorable silky Free People bra, turqoise and stone necklace and an Anthropologie slip that she can wear in Sweden under all her flowy tops and dresses.

It is so her huh?! She had a wonderful day today and I am so grateful I was here to be a part of it :)




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  • Eva

    Åh vilka underbara döttrar Maria har:<3
    Så roligt följa er vackra familj från era bloggar.



  • Jessica E

    Ja må du leva o ett stort grattis Maria! Hoppas du får en underbar födelsedag. Jag är oxå en “skorpis” o fyller om några dagar. Måste säga att jag känner igen mig i dig, en frisk fläkt i vardag som helgdag , familj o hemmakär. Jag älskar att pyssla i hemmet, vi håller just nu på att helrenovera vårt hus. Kommer att bli sååå fint!
    Stor grattiskraaaam// Jessica E


  • Alexandra

    Skriv din kommentar här!Hi! My name is Alexandra (Alex), I’m an exchange student in Middletown NY and my host family just said to my that its a possibility that I can’t stay here :( so just to be ready to search for a new family I thought it would be really cool to be able to live in LA or even in CA, so if you have any friends or family’s that what’s to have an exchange student living with them until June. I’m here. FYI I’m from Sweden! Tjena :) thanks


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